Make Money Online at Home – My First Mistake!

Alright, so I’ve gone through George Brown’s Google Sniper training and just to speed things up, I’ve even bought his accelerated training course (this is a 3 hour advanced training that did actually save me probably 5 hours for setting up the making money online system).

Just to explain, Google Sniper teaches you how to set up sites that promote affiliate products to make money by determining which affiliate products to pick that are most profitable, evaluating the competition, setting up a website and writing blog posts reviewing affiliate products, and using online marketing techniques to generate traffic to your website.

I found the Secret Survey by Michael Fiore to promote. I bought the Secret Survey guide so that I can really give an honest and unbiased review of the product to help women know why men lie to women. And also, because others close to me have been lied to by men, so I have an interest as to how to prevent this from happening int he future.

So my hilarious mistake that I made is when registering domain names. I went to his original website, which is – so I registered all these domain names since I thought the product was called Why He Lies.

I registered,,, and I got super excited when I found out that only 319 results showed up in Google if you type in “Why He Lies Review”… haha, how wrong I was…

I found out that the product was actually “Secret Survey”, not “Why He Lies”.

So, now I had registered 3 domain names wrong, finished setting up everything on the first wrong domain, and realized that instead of 319 competitors, I now have 48,700 competitors…great… so many competitors!

How am I going to compete?

Well…I bought 2 domain names that actually has Secret Survey in it to start fixing my mistake. I’m going to start building on those 2 websites.

In the meantime, you can take a look at my review site, that offers some tips for helping women dealing with if a man is lying to her – let me know what your thoughts are!

I’m 24 and My Journey for How to Make Money Online

Let me know if you’re interested in my journey to make money online (legally and ethically of course).

A little bit about myself, my name is Angela Lin and am 24 years old living in Canada. I got started in online marketing in 2008, with trying to help more high school and college students with their study skills ( as I wanted to share how I was able to get on the Dean’s List (GPA of 3.75) and still not study that much in university. This involved me creating about 10 YouTube videos with study tips, a blog, and a Facebook fan page with the goal of offering a free report of 10 Things You Must Know to Get High Grades by having them sign up on my email list.

Then I attempted to sell an ebook on study skills that I wrote without much success (if you count $80 in total over 2 years a success). So after not making much sales, I decided to put that aside and go back to a “real job” upon graduation. An accountant…yes…how far that is from my goals and aspirations. Online marketing vs. accounting…which one sounds more fun? You can figure that one out.

Anyways, between jobs (as I took some time off to travel) in July 2010, I came upon Kate Buck’s training program to be a Social Media Manager I’m a person that likes to see results on my investment, so I’m not scared to put what I’ve learned into action. And so I went through the training in about a week – then started to see what I could do to build credibility as a social media manager.

I realized that the 10 YouTube videos that I’ve posted has actually gotten me fairly popular when you type in “study skills” into YouTube (you can test it right now and my username is “WantHighMarks”). And even though my speaking skills were definitely unpolished at the time, I somehow ended up with 600+ YouTube subscribers and 400+ blog subscribers. So that’s where I started to build my credibility in that I have knowledge in my trial and error ways to help get my videos to rank high.

My sales started with me cold-calling coaches in the local Coaching Association directory – that got me 3 sales before I had to work full time again – this time as an auditor which entailed longer hours…(ranging from 40-50 hours/week during non-busy season to 50-80 hour weeks from Jan – Apr)

This meant that I could only work on my part-time business late at night or on the weekends – which is exactly what I did.

After my first busy season was over, I started to make sales again – by visiting tradeshows and just handing out my business cards to booth participants. I mean, if they’re at a tradeshow, it means they want customers, which is what I can help with through social media! I got 2-3 more clients that way.

Then I started down the road that you may have gone on, which was purchasing various training programs – including Brendon Burchard’s Total Product Blueprint, Ryan Deiss‘ Subscription Empire and Digital Marketer and Facebook Ad Power, and Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula, Mike Koening’s Mainstreet Marketing Machines Fusion and Eben Pagan’s Guru Mastermind.

When you get overwhelmed with information and think that every training’s the next big thing – you tend to learn to much and not put it in action… which was what I sort of did.

Well, now I’m ready to take more action.

I’ve incorporated bits and pieces from my training. And my latest training is the monthly coaching from Dean Holland with the Insider’s Club. He got started in Oct. 2008, when he was 24 as well, with $60,000 in debt (worse off than I am as I’m not currently in debt) and managed to make a million dollars within 2 years.

Because he’s shown that he could do it, and his message on his first coaching call was simple: “Consistency”. Meaning, start a blog and just make sure that you’re consistently putting useful information out there for people. So I’ve committed to posting at least a video/blog post each week to my study skills site, my social media/online marketing business site, and also my learning about making money online.

To date, my efforts for making online sales resulted in:

  • $80 from my study skills e-book 4 years ago
  • $135 from an affiliate sale of Facebook Ad Power by Ryan Deiss
  • $60 from promotion of another study skills affiliate product
  • $125 in my first ever launch to my study skills subscribers

This means a total of about $400 over these past 4 years…

I’m gonna be leveraging my sites:

  • – my study skills site that has 3 Free Videos to Cut Your Study Time in Half Guaranteed
  • – my business site with 3 Free Videos to Improve Your Marketing and Sales through Social Media
  • – just to entertain with the “blonde moments” that my mom, my sis, and I have even though we are Asian and supposed to be smart. These are 100% true stories.

Well, my goal is to make $10,000 through online sales by Oct. 18, 2012 (6 months)

If you’re with me, please post any comments or questions below and I look forward to seeing you with me for the ride.

Talk to you soon