Do You Live a Fulfilled Life?

My grandpa on my dad’s side is 100 years this year. Even though he’s of the age where many people are just idly waiting for their deaths, he knows how to keeps himself busy – which will actually extend your lifespan and keeps your life much more interesting. Remember, you only live this life once, there’s no rewind or second chance.

From Monday to Friday, he will get up around 5:30AM and then get breakfast, followed by reading the newspaper and preparing himself for when the stock market opens. He’ll go to the stock exchange building and look at the changing prices for his stock trading (he does this not to try and make lots of money but as something he can do each day and to keep him interested). After the market closes, he’ll eat lunch and take a nap. Then, he’ll read some more newspapers and/or watch TV at night. Even though he’s almost fully deaf, he’ll still watch TV as he can still read the captions.

On the weekends, when the markets are closed, he’ll read newspapers and play mah-jong with his kids (when they come back to see him).

He knows that the way to live a long and good life is to keep himself busy and interested. Are you doing that in your life right now?

Another grandmother that I met is 78 years old. She’ll swim 1,000 meters each day as her exercise; then she’ll join in some crafts club during the day as well as make her own purses and wallets out of cloths that she buy. She’ll also buy tickets to concerts and performances (to everything ranging from latin dance competition, to classical music, to the pop stars that young adults listen to). She’s living her life to the fullest.

If you think about it, we only have one chance at this life, so why not go out and see what your passion and interests are, start developing them right now (it’s never too late to start), and start doing more of what makes you happy right now. This way, not only will you live a life that you’ll look back on with happiness, but also extend your life span (as compared to if you’re just doing nothing once you retire since work took up so much of your time, that you have nothing else to look forward to each day).

Live Your Life to Fulfill Your Passion and Happiness!

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