Joined a Coaching Program & How Much Can I make in 6 months?

Alright, so Dean Holland’s recently inviting his customers to join his 6 month coaching program. I figured, why not? I have 6 months to prove to myself that I can make money online.

He started out by asking how much money I want to make in 6 months. I held back a little, which he sensed immediately as I said, “$2,000/month”. He asked me straight up, “are you holding back?” To which I replied yes. In fact, $5,000/month is more so what I’m going for. We both agreed on the fact that if you’re going to make goals, may as well aim for higher since if you only aim for $2,000, that’s what you’ll reach. If you aim for $5,000, even if you fail and only reach $3,000, that is still better than $2,000!

Anyways, this week, what I’ve done so far is really narrowed down as to what 2 niches I want to go into. After doing research on the Warrior Forum, I’ve noticed that automation with anything seems to sell really well (such as automate your content creation) or lots of “done for you” services (such as SEO ranking). So, I want to investigate more into how I can automate tasks to help make other people (as well as my own business) increase the efficiency in their business so they can really concentrate on what they’re good at (which probably isn’t trying to rank for SEO and creating backlinks).

Also, I can definitely do some done for you Facebook fan page (as that’s my expertise) and training of doing your own Fan Page from start to finish (including tested and prove techniques that my local client use to go from 63 fans to 363 raving fans in less than a year – which is better than a large fan base that doesn’t really interact with you) now that the Facebook Timeline has had about a month to wreak havoc upon people.

I’m going to wait and see if I can make use of my 2 video training courses that I’ve already created on Facebook Fan Page Mastery (covering from how to set up your own fan page without having to know how to program, ideas for status updates if you have no idea what to write to keep people engaged so that you provide information and build your credibility and sales, and of course how to market your fan page to build your fan base) and also my Content Time Saver on how to quickly create valuable content that engages people.

For this week, so far, I’ve also¬†drew out my sales funnel that talks about what offers I can give people at different price points, including a small offering at the front end to build my email list ($7-$17 ebook probably), then upselling to a higher priced video training or membership site (that I still need to create). And I’ve projected how much I’ll make – hoping that if I sell a $7 e-book, if 500 people buy, then that’ll be $3,500!

More importantly, my email list will grow by 10x! And what I can downsell them to if they say no (I’m going to say $1 for a 7 day trial to my membership site that I need to create as that seems to be occurring for a lot of marketers in terms of promotions)

Let me know what your thoughts are and share with me what your goals are so that we can be in this together.

Remember, the first step is knowing where you are headed to – it’s much easier to get there than just roaming around aimlessly. Time to focus!

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